Unclosed ports to leave Android at risk

This issue has nothing to do with Android OS or the handset; instead, the origin of this so-called back-door is due to insecure coding practices by various app developers. Android App developers are constantly growing over the years, as it is the most used mobile OS platform.

What makes it dangerous?

There are 65636 ports in any system that is connected to internet. If the ports are not closed, then attackers can enter via these ports and steal users data. They can also inject malware into the system and execute them. It’ll be easier to access photos, media files and even use messaging and phone services.

Open Port Attack Vectors

Besides this, an attacker must have the IP address of the vulnerable device, exposed over the Internet. But getting a list of vulnerable devices is not a big deal today, where anyone can buy a cheap cloud service to scan the whole Internet within few hours.


Almost 81.7% of the newly sold devices use Android as their platform. Those applications that pose a threat can be removed by un-installing it. If the app is un-installed, then it will no longer pose the threat. But then, many apps would have to be removed from the mobile. The best choice is that we use a Firewall.

Image result for NoRoot Firewall icon

NoRoot Firewall is one of the good firewalls to be used in android platform. It blocks every application installed in the mobile from using the internet, if options are set. It can also block certain apps from accessing the listed addresses and ports.

Author: Cognore

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