BroadPwn exposes millions of Android devices using Broadcom Chipset

In the new monthly security update published by Google, it has warned of a serious flaw named as BroadPWN . in some Broadcom WI-FI chipsets that potentially impacts millions of Android devices as well as some iPhone models .

BroadPwn is a critical remote code execution vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2017-3544, that affects the Broadcom BCM43xx family of WiFi chipsets. Remote attackers can trigger the flaw without user interaction to execute malicious code on vulnerable devices with kernel privileges.

“The most severe of these issues is a critical security vulnerability in media framework that could enable a remote attacker using a specially crafted file to execute arbitrary code within the context of a privileged process” states the security bulletin.

The BroadPwn issue was reported by the Exodus Intelligence expert Nitay Artenstein, he will present the analysis at the Next Black Hat 2017 conference.

“In this talk, we’ll take a deep dive into the internals of the BCM4354, 4358 and 4359 Wi-Fi chipsets, and explore the workings of the mysterious, closed-source HNDRTE operating system. Then, we’ll plunge into the confusing universe of 802.11 standards in a quest to find promising attack surfaces.” states the abstract of the talk.

Google also patched 10 critical RCEs and more than 100 high and moderate issues. The company also fixed several critical flaws affecting the Android Mediaserver process, some of them could be exploited by a remote attacker to perform code execution.An input validation flaw in the libhevc library, tracked as CVE-2017-0540, can be exploited by using a specifically crafted file.

“A remote code execution vulnerability in libhevc in Mediaserver could enable an attacker using a specially crafted file to cause memory corruption during media file and data processing. This issue is rated as Critical due to the possibility of remote code execution within the context of the Mediaserver process. Product: Android. Versions: 5.0.2, 5.1.1, 6.0, 6.0.1, 7.0, 7.1.1. Android ID: A-33966031.” reads the vulnerability description.

The over-the-air updates and firmware for Google devices have already been issued by the company for its Pixel and Nexus devices, though rest of Android still need to wait for an update from their OEMs, leaving million of Android devices vulnerable for next few months.

Author: Cognore

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